CSBFever Lifestyle

CSBFever is created in 2010 as a lifestyle brand and organizer for Sport bike riders who like to drift with their custom build Sport bikes at events.

In the beginning

After visiting several events in The Netherlands with The company CustomSportBikes.NL (CSB.NL) many people started asking why these bikes had an extended swing-arm and where do these riders use it for. Because the sport bike drifting (Fever) was a very underground scene and only performed illegally on the public roads, CSB.NL took the opportunity to show the audience what Fever is and called it CSBFever. Drifting with custom build sport bikes.

This was the first step to take this underground sport to events and perform the Fever legally in front of an audience. The first event was organised in April 2010 in the city of Rotterdam.

The next level

After 13 years the `Fever` scene created many groups with new riders, a lot of them started with CSBFever.

The story continues

After many years of promoting the CSBFever Life Style in The Netherlands it was time to expand to a new location. The CSBFever Life Style brand is now located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The year 2020 was the 10 year anniversary year of CSBFever and will reach a new level. With the 13 years of experience of hosting events and building custom sportbikes we start making our own custom made drift swing-arms for sportbikes. These swingarms are specially designed and build for drifting. These swing-arms are build inhouse on request and can be shipped worldwide.

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Taking over the world

With the support of stunters and drifters worldwide we will start hosting more events in different countries. The CSBFever community has many supporters worldwide and will grow every month

Stunt drivers

Are you a drifter or stuntrider and you want to promote CSBFever or you want to participate at a CSBFever event? Send us your information and we will answer you ASAP.

Are you an orginizer and you want to know how the get the CSBFever LifeStyle to your event send us your event details to and what you are expecting from us so we can give you a detailed answer back.

CSBFever Collabs

Also we are open for new ideas and colaberations, don`t hasitate to contact us.