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CSBFever is the first worldwide promoter of motorcycle drifting. We’re not only promote motorcycle drifting but also motorcycle stunts. So are you a drifter or a stunt rider, come and join our community!

2020 is for many of us the worst year in our careers but we are coming back even stronger in 2021. With CSBFever we will join our interest and skills to grow the drift & stunt lifestyle and show it to the audiences worldwide. The CSBFever community are planning worldwide events to enjoy the lifestyle together and create memories

CSBFever is represented by our community members worldwide. We already have registered members from Europe, North America, South America, the Caribbean and Asia. Do you also wanna join the best stunt and drift community in the world, register yourself today and represent the CSBFever lifestyle in your country


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Fans Testimonials

 First time in my life I’ve seen the CSBFever drift show in Dubai and never ever i’ve seen something like this. The crowd went crazy after the tires exploded. After sharing the videos I recorded at the show my friends wish they were there, they can’t wait to watch the next show with the custom built CSBFever drift bikes. The combination of stunt and drift is the best with the best show finale I’ve ever seen.

Mr. Mohammed, UAE

CSBFever started back in 2010 and I became a fan after the first show at the Queen’s Day event back in 2010. These guys know how to control these high powered sportbikes and love to destroy the tires. Every show is great to watch and you will never get bored. When the years passing by even more riders joined CSBFever with different skills, this will bring more diversity into the show which gives something special no other organisation has to offer.

Mr. Michael, Holland

Motorcycle drifting is part of our culture in Curacao and now there is an organiser who brings it to other places of the world. This is amazing and hopefully we will get more of these events worldwide. CSBFever get our full support from the ABC Islands and can’t wait to meet you guys in Curacao with your team of stunt riders. The best combo for an exciting motorcycle show.

Mr. Gregory, Curacao

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